life is hard

So there I was living my admittedly rather stressful but still quite fairy-tale-esque life of rosé in France planning a wedding to the man of my dreams and then BAM! Life turned up and slapped me right across the face.


You can’t control what curve balls are gonna get thrown at you and blogging is just one of the things that has had to take a back seat for now. You may even have noticed things have been a little quiet in Eat,See,Do land of late.

I won’t go into too much detail on here right now because I’m just not quite ready to go there.  Being too open makes me itchy. I know that’s probably a key flaw in blogland but I’m not exactly a model citizen so hopefully no one’s going to care.


While I’m not eating, seeing or doing and I’m not really an expat right now – I’m half expat, half…er…pat –  I’m taking a little break.  I will be back soon, but I  thought I should give a vague explanation for why the tumbleweeds are flying across the blog pages.  Speaking of tumbleweeds, my kiwi sent me this the other day: “Woman is afraid of tumbleweeds.” Poor girl but so funny.

Also, this short animation “Two chips” is still one of my favourite things on the internet. We re-enacted this with actual nachos a couple of weeks ago.  We did not do it justice.  Laughter really is the best medicine.

Where was I? Right. I’m going.  God I’m like that employee that keeps sneezing on people instead of going home to lie in bed watching Mean Girls with a tissue stuffed up their nose…  

I’ll be back soon armed with many posts about the wonders of living in France, the things I love about London,  and some news on the good kind of curve balls life has thrown our way for the future.

I still love to hear from you (seriously, it really makes my day) so say hi and let me know if you’ve ever had or felt like you needed to take a time out and how did you approach it?

15 Responses to BRB…

  1. I had definitely noticed your absence, but had assumed wedding planning was just taking over. I’m sorry to hear it’s something worse than that. I hope this passes for you soon. I’ve never been very good at handling the sour lemon curveballs in life – I tend to retreat and hope everything works out on its own, so clearly I’m not the one to be handing out advice. 🙂 Just know I’m thinking about you!

    • Thank you Sarah. Things are going back to “normal” slowly so I think I’m going to be making my way back soon but the time off has been quite nice, and I’ve missed the lil ol blog and the bloggers!

  2. Sorry to hear that things aren’t just rosy for you right now. But don’t fret it’s your prerogative whatever you’d like to share or not share here. Hope to see you back here when all is well.

  3. I had three weeks off in December and it did me a lot of good. A couple of weeks ago, I was a bit ‘meh’ about blogging, but I’m back on track again now. Your readers won’t go anywhere so have a break if you need one.

    • Yeah – I think it’s good for everyone sometimes. No point writing when your heart’s not in it for whatever reason. Thanks Lu, I can’t wait to check out your film blog!!

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