It’s Valentine’s Day. It’s a good day to talk about weddings.

As a diehard romantic any excuse for romance is good by me.  Valentine’s day is just an added incentive, with cute props. But one year ago today Valentine’s Day went from being a nice excuse for some attention to a very special day when I became a fiancée.

engagement photos

Fast forward through months of travels eventually landing, unsteadily, in France, we are now, one year on, in the throws of organising our wedding in Montpellier.  Last time I wrote an update on life in wedding lane I was dreaming of something remote in a tiny French village no one had heard of.  Lovely, right? Wrong.

For many reasons trying to plan something a) where you don’t actually live and b) which is going to be a nightmare for many people to get to and c) doesn’t necessarily have the infrastructure in place to get people to the middle of nowhere, is generally a really bad idea.

Since then things have changed.  They do that. Life has a funny way of ignoring the plans you set out for it and then doing its own thing.

While we can’t control everything, we can control some, so as soon as we got back from our European travels, we switched venues.  When we got back to Montpellier we realised how much we liked it here and started worrying about how little we knew about the little village we were getting married in.  We knew it was a lovely place but it just seemed to be getting harder to organise and so we switched to somewhere which now feels even better.


On the day we went to see it, we met a goat and a camel on the side of the road, as one does, then a gorgeous rainbow came out and pretty much pointed to it.  If that’s not someone trying to tell us something then…. ok, maybe not the goat but the rainbow surely? Anyway, we took it as a sign and made one of the quickest decision we’ve ever made by signing on the dotted line.


Being closer to where we live has made many things easier too and being able to ask for piles of cheese from your local cheesery and piles of macarons from your local macaronery makes wedding planning a lot more fun.  We’ve discovered we’re not really into the French version of wedding cake but definitely have a soft spot for croquembouche, otherwise known as piles of profiteroles.  Piles are fast becoming the wedding theme.

urbanara bowls

People have also been asking about gifts and I often catch myself flicking through wedding gift lists like the one on Urbanara and thinking ooh how nice would it be to start married life with a set of things, like pretty blue bowls which will always remind you of your wedding day and the person that gave them. But then I remember that we might not be in France after the wedding and not quite entirely sure where we’ll be and things are well, they’re just things. mint teardrops While still in the mode of change, I decided to change the bridesmaids dresses to a mint green, rather than the previous lavender. When we were looking through dresses they were either too grey or too purple, something which just didn’t work. When we stumbled on the mint colour it just seemed to sing to both of us.  Then I discovered Kenzie of Chasing Happy’s pretty handmade jewellery, which I love, and decided that was another sign, much better than a goat.

Finally, in nonsensical wedding rambling news, I’ve been designing our invites and our website and getting more and more into the design side of things I’m really starting to enjoy it. It’s a nice way to break up writing but still being creative. Sometimes I can’t write. My brain doesn’t form proper sentences. So playing with watercolours and making pretty things in photoshop is enough to keep me feeling productive without having to make grammatical sense.

Planning a wedding can be stressful but it can also be a nice relief from real life. There’s a reason why we have “fairy tale” weddings. We don’t live in a fairy tale, but for one day, at least we can still pretend.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone x

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  1. Ah, but you do live in a fairy tale .. full of goats, and camels, and rainbows .. even little blue bowls! Congratulations, Anna, to both you and your husband-to-be .. and best wishes for a future filled with fantasy and pixie dust! Aloha

    • I really do want those little blue bowls… I can live without the camels though. Thank you. I hope there will be plenty of pixie dust.

    • Oh wow yeah that would have been really hard! Go you. We’ve been to one New Zealand wedding and it was so amazing, I would have half loved to do it there too.

  2. so glad i discovered your blog! i’m a londoner, freshly married to a frenchman, and we had our wedding in the south of france. i am more than sure you will have a completely magical day – how exciting! look forward to following more of your french adventures x

    • Thank you for the comment and for stopping by! Glad you discovered me too, if just so I could discover you back 🙂 (weird? – maybe) I just found the post on your wedding (I was really hoping you wrote about it) and everything about your wedding looks so beautiful! 🙂 x

  3. YESSS I love discovering other expats here in la France – best of luck organising your wedding!!! so exciting! I got married in France last summer to a frenchie….piles is defn the way forward…we were eating cheese for weeks after our wedding x

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