Burger & Blanquette: Cordon bleu with chips


Where a good-old fashioned French classic meets that young whippersnapper burger and fries, and they end up getting along blooming marvellously.

burger et blanquette montpellier restaurants

Montpellier is a food lover’s dream.  There are so many restaurants to choose from, most of which spill out onto the squares, taking up any space they can, and making the entire centre of town buzz with the sound of clinking glasses and the smell of delicious French, Spanish, Italian and North African cuisine.

But sometimes when travelling in a group or pair your tastebuds may disagree a little.  While one might want to sample the classic delicacies of the region, the other might just fancy something a bit more familiar, like a good old burger.  One of our favourite Montpellier restaurants, meets in the middle, and came highly recommended by the locals, was the delightful Burger et Blanquette.

At Burger et Blanquette there are two sides to the menu which are, you guessed it, the Blanquette side and the Burger side.


So you want to try something a bit fancy and very French, well welcome food-loving friend, you’ve come to the right place. The posh side of the menu features the kinds of things you would find in most traditional restaurants of the region – Magre du Canard, Beef Tartare and, the title dish, Blanquette du Veau.

Blanquette de veau 15,90€
 Riz façon pilaf

Ok great, but what is a blanquette? It can be fish or meat but quite often it’s veal in a white sauce.  In this case it’s a white veal stew with the meat cooked in the sauce rather than fried, in a concoction of butter, cream, egg yolks, a heart attack and some herbs.

Served with rice on the side it’s a deliciously tasty morsel that is usually eaten in winter as it’s quite hearty and filling. It’s a little surprising to see it served at this time of year as many restaurants will have meals that are only served in winter as they’re too ‘hot’ for the time of year. But in this case, it wouldn’t quite work as the restaurant would just be called Burger.

blanquette de veau


Now, I know I said the blanquette side was the posh side but the burger side gets a bit posh too. From a simple homemade patty hamburger and chicken burger to an Italian feast of a burger featuring prosciutto and gorgonzola, a smoked-salmon pancake burger or, the piece de resistance – where resistance is futile – the full on foie gras and confit de canard burger:

Périgord 17,90€
 Pain buns, foie gras, galette de pommes de terre, confit de canard, salade, oignon

This is the most expensive on the burger side of the menu where prices start at a very reasonable 9€90 for a standard burger.

The Périgord though is ridiculously good; beautifully-cooked duck leg with a French-version of a hash brown and decadent slithers of foie gras stuck between some burger buns.  It’s delicious but, let’s be honest, it’s about as much a burger as Jenny is from the block.


The vibe

Like so many Montpellier restaurants it oozes charm right out of its doors and onto the cobbled streets.  In the summer outdoor seating is plentiful but the covering protects you (and your nice cold glass of rose) from the heat of the Mediterranean sun. Staff are friendly and jovial, relaxed but attentive.

montpellier restaurants: burger et blanquette

With everything made in house, including the mayonnaise and seriously good fries, the prices are pretty decent. Get a burger for less than 10 euros or go all out and have a blow out meal, but the choice is there and the quality will be just as good regardless.

After the mains, the desserts also called to me but after eating an entire farmyard swimming in cream, even dessert stomach was cowering in fear.  I have a lot of Montpellier restaurants to try but I’ll be back, of course I will, there’s a pancake burger and steak to be had. Maybe then we can sneak in a moelleux (delicious gooey chocolate fondant heaven) at the end. Till next time B et B, À bientôt.

Burger et Blanquette

1, rue Rosset (place de la préfecture), 34000 Montpellier
Réservation au
Open 7 days a week (only for lunch on Sundays)


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